Our company is here to provide all the information you need about US immigration. The ultimate goal is to be your one-stop site to get all the information needed about immigrating to the US. In 2016 the total US population was 319 million, while the number of foreign-born people was 42m million or 13%. That included 18 million naturalized citizens and 13 million legal non-citizens. Meanwhile, the number of unauthorized immigrants was 11 million. Some of the biggest source countries are India, China, and Mexico. In fact, Mexico dropped from the top spot a few years ago.

We want to provide a wide array of helpful information about US immigration to our site’s visitors. That includes some background information including the history of US immigration. It’s important to have this information so you’ll have some background information about the different main era of immigration to the USA. This is important so you’ll have a better appreciation and understanding about US immigration. It’s the good place to start in terms of knowing some of the main periods of US immigration. It will help you to see the big picture about the process of immigrating to the US.

We also provide a lot of news about the latest issues related to US immigration. In fact, it’s become a major issue during the past few years due in part to the policies of President Trump that include the proposal of US/Mexico wall and Muslim travel band. These issues are still making headline news and are being discussed in terms of various federal laws.

The goal of our site isn’t to become political or take sides on the issue of immigration. However, we believe it’s important for anyone who’s considering US immigration to know some of the trending issues that could affect the process. That’s the reason we want our site’s visitors to be very familiar with these issues. It can then help to guide you as you’re in the process of making decisions about a possible move to the US.

Another key feature of our site is providing information about the different issues related to US immigration. They include various ones including the different visas available, naturalization, etc. If you’re considering a move to the US then you should definitely be familiar with these issues. For example, the rules and regulations that apply to each visa type differ so you should be aware of the ones that are related to the visa you hope to secure. That, in turn, will help to provide you with all the information you need.

The decision to leave your home country even for a year to work or study abroad, for example, can be a tough one. However, we believe that moving to the US temporarily or permanently can have a positive effect on your life. That’s why we want to make sure that you have all the information you need. It will help to guide any decisions you make. It will also help to make sure you’re following the right steps when applying for a visa, for example.

Yet another main resource of our site involves issues related to FAQs that many visitors to our site have asked. That’s because we want to provide you with answers to all the questions you have about US immigration. That will help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our company is owned and operated by people who are very familiar with all aspects of US immigration. We have in-house staff members who specialize in different issues related to US immigration including historians, legal experts, government employees, etc. This helps to provide you with the best service possible. Our goal is to answer any and all questions you have as effectively as possible and provide all the information you need as you plan your stay in the US. This will help to make every step as easy as possible.

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