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The topic of immigration to the United States has become a hot issue in recent years so it’s important to know various facts and figures related to the situation including some of the main reasons why people move to the US. There are 43.3 million immigrants in the US a few years ago in 2015, which was 1.35% of the total population. In addition, the percentage of foreign-born population in the US rose about 2% from 2014 to 2015. The percentage of immigrants, as well as the US-born children, is now about 27% of the total US population.

The US immigrants originate from several regions throughout the world with the most foreign-born people being from India in 2015. The figure was 1.358 million people. The next countries were China (143,200), Mexico (139,400), Philippines (47,500), and Canada (46,800). A few years before India and China passed Mexico to become the foreign country with the most recent arrivals.

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When people immigrate to the US the results are different. For example, some are just visiting with a tourist, work, or student visa. Other groups stay in the US with the hope of becoming naturalized citizens. Just as the number of countries people immigration to the US from are quite high there are also many reasons they move to the country. Here are some of the main ones:

This often involves various types of political and religious freedom. There are several countries/regions in the world where there are limited freedoms due to various factors like the majority political party or religion. In those situations, there are often severe penalties if citizens break the law in terms of those issues.

However, in the United States people have the right to join any political party they wish or even launch their own. This is important because it means immigrants can become citizens and participate in the political process. Even the ability to vote for a local or national leader is an experience that many people throughout the world have never had due to oppressive governments, for example.

Religious freedoms are another major reason why many people move to the US. Religious minorities in many countries have few freedoms to practice their religion of choice. This can make their lives very difficult since they’re oppressed by the country’s major religion.

Political Freedom

Another reason people might not have much freedom in their home countries is due to being a particular ethnic minority. There is ethnic/racial discrimination of sorts in every country. However, it is very severe in some countries and can result in people’s physical wellbeing being threatened. In that case, people can experience more freedoms in the US because they’ll have more freedoms as there are laws in place to protect people from ethnic/racial discrimination. This is one of the main reasons why people move to the US. It’s partly related to the issue of opportunities. However, it’s more about providing.

Someone might have the goal of launching a business and becoming a millionaire. With the right ingredients, they can achieve those goals in the US. However, many people simply want to have a better quality of life than they do now. In that case moving the US can be the best solution because it gives them an excellent chance to live a better life. They can earn more money but more importantly, live a life that’s safer and happier. Many people immigrate to the US in order to escape poverty/oppression in their home countries. In many countries, it’s very difficult to become successful if you work diligently and strive to become financially independent.

This is based on various factors but one of the main ones is the lack of opportunities that people have in many parts of the world. There are various causes for the limited opportunities. One is the poverty in the countries. In those countries, the growth rate is often low so the economy itself is often stagnant. In that kind of environment, it can be very difficult just to find capital to launch a business. Another major problem is governmental oppression, which can also have a negative effect on the ability just find work and launch a new business. In such countries, the government controls virtually aspect of life, which affects people’s opportunities.

However, when people immigrate to the US they often have more opportunities in their home country. This is based on various factors. It starts with the US being the largest economy in the world. It’s an economy that’s constantly changing and evolving. That, in turn, provides many economic opportunities for people who move to the US.

Another of the main reasons people immigrate to the US is for employment. An employer sponsors the person for a particular job where there aren’t enough US workers to fill the position. This is quite common in various sectors including Information Technology (IT).

In many countries throughout the world workers with formal training have a tough time finding work. That’s due to various factors like bad economies, high populations, etc. In such situations, one of the most practical solutions is to work abroad. The US is the world’s largest economy so there are several job openings that can’t be filled due to the lack of US applicants for the job. This provides an excellent opportunity for people to immigrate to the US for work.

This is important for some families and especially when the families are very close. In that situation, the family members believe that it’s critical for the relatives to stay within close proximity. They’re able to do that if the family members move to the US from abroad. It’s one of the most common reasons why people move to the US and is certainly an excellent way for families to remain bonded.

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